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Kak Solntse

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Kak Solntse

KAK SOLNTSE candles go a long way before they reach the hands of their owners. 


First, the idea of what the collection will be about is born. The artist creates an overall vision, which is consistently brought to life.


The candle begins its journey in the factory, where the ceramic candleholder with the logo of the androgynous man's head takes physical form by hand-casting the slip. This is followed by the process of applying coloured glazes and consecutive firing in ovens. In the in-house candle factory, they are poured with a natural wax composition with the addition of the perfume composition and the dye chosen in advance by the author of the series.


Once the candle is completed, it is packaged in a box with the KAK SOLNTSE brand logo, as well as an artistic sleeve.

Completely handmade with the utmost attention to detail.

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