"I came to this world to see the Sun." 



The artist is the main creator and mastermind of the project KAK SOLNTSE. They tell their story with the help of fragrances, which they create together with the best perfumers. They think up colour combinations of glaze, candlesticks and waxes themselves. And, of course, they create the packaging which, just like the candle, acts as an artwork in its own right.  

Each edition has a limited circulation, and will not be repeated. 


We care about nature at every stage of production: we don't use plastic and believe in a second life for our packaging: its shape can be reused if you buy a replacement unit. As a result, these candlesticks can be reutilised repeatedly thanks to the refill system.  


Candleholders keep warm for a long time, and reveal the fragrance of the perfume without changing it. They are individually handmade for KAK SOLNTSE. The colour of the glaze is always the choice of the artist working on the collection.  


The environmentally friendly wax burns evenly and completely without producing any toxic substances.


Just as a publishing house connects different authors of the same series with a single binding, so KAK SOLNTSE stylistically unites the candles from the same collection through a singular design: a uniquely ceramic candleholder and a box with an embossed logo. The individuality of each collection is reflected in the design of the sleeve, which is developed by the artist.

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