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Brand philosophy

KAK SOLNTSE is a collection of candles created by contemporary artists. 


Just like their own pieces, they conceive  the candles for the brand KAK SOLNTSE all the way through — from the general concept to its complete realisation. Each time they collaborate with perfumers to compose unique fragrance compositions, select new colours for ceramic candleholders and organic waxes, and design the packaging.  

Анна Андржиевская


Kak Solntse

Свечи из этой коллекции переносят нас в фантастический мир. В нем секунды тянутся веками, пчелы устроили улей на орбите Новой Земли, а если путешествовать по трассе помедленнее, то на обочине можно увидеть пир и балаган невиданных зверей. Эти обаятельные вселенные вдохновлены научной фантастикой и произведениями Корнея Чуковского.

Margot Trushina


Kak Solntse

The first project from KAK SOLNTSE is based on the idea of planetary consciousness as a profound unity between nature and man. Margot presents it as invisible streams — rays that connect all human and non-human 'bodies' in the world into one organism.

Exclusive collections

 KAK SOLNTSE is open to collaboration. You can participate in the creation of your own unique collection: together, we will choose a contemporary artist from our catalogue, come up with and coordinate the olfactory composition according to the wishes and values of your brand, and select the material of the candleholder itself.

KAK SOLNTSE is an example of the new tradition of corporate gifts: thoughtful and impeccable.




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