Experiment is out of control


The scientists' experiment got out of control. The air became viscous and sticky, like chewing gum (and smells, surprisingly, exactly the same!), which had a wonderful effect on the spread of spores and mycelium. Mushrooms are now the dominant species, and only rare whirlwinds of fire, bringing the aromas of lush tropical mango gardens, are reminiscent of the past catastrophe.


Seconds stretch for centuries, it seems as if the whole world is spinning in a slow meditative dance. And only dolphins, jumping out of the ashes like phoenixes, shed light on the ruins, hoping to find new friends - and shimmer in the sun with the freshness of soap bubbles

The 90ml candles are only available in a set of all three fragrances in this collection.


Top notes: Mango strawberry pineapple, berry notes

Middle notes: lily of the valley

Base notes: raspberry, strawberry


Perfumer: Ben Voss


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