Set of the collection: space bees х roadside lawn х experiment is out of control


Space bees

The bees have built a space hive in orbit around Novaya Zemlya. Now everyone can refuel their spacecraft with excellent fuel from a mixture of propolis and gasoline. A tiny speck of dust that roams the universe miraculously - just like Cinderella - turns into divine nectar: with viscous chords of tonka bean and sandalwood, calm and warm notes of moss and patchouli and unexpected hints of freshness, lemon and eucalyptus.


Roadside lawn

Freeway at noon. Burning wind and molten asphalt, the buzz of insects. Grass grows through the pavement. Clay dust is scattered all around, and on it are the prints of animals that no one has seen before. It is behind rare herbs that unprecedented creatures lurk and arrange a feast and a farce. The smells of stubborn herbs spread in the smoky and bitter air: blackcurrant and mint leaves, the freshness of gardenia and figs, through which leathery, musky-cedar chords are barely noticeable. What kind of mysterious beasts are hiding in the tall grass?


Experiment is out of control

The scientists' experiment got out of control. The air became viscous and sticky, like chewing gum (and smells, surprisingly, exactly the same!), which had a wonderful effect on the spread of spores and mycelium. Mushrooms are now the dominant species, and only rare whirlwinds of fire, bringing the aromas of lush tropical mango gardens, are reminiscent of the past catastrophe.

Seconds stretch for centuries, it seems as if the whole world is spinning in a slow meditative dance. And only dolphins, jumping out of the ashes like phoenixes, shed light on the ruins, hoping to find new friends - and shimmer in the sun with the freshness of soap bubbles

The 90ml candles are only available in a set of all three fragrances in this collection.


Space bees

Top notes: eucalyptus, lemon

Middle notes: spicy cinnamon, cloves

Base notes: patchouli, moss, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean


Perfumer: Ben Voss



Roadside lawn
Top notes: Ivy leaves, Tomato, Blackcurrant leaves, Peppermint oil
Middle notes: Fig leaves, Gardenia, Jasmine, Bitter orange tree leaves
Base notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk


Perfumer: Pierre Derlot



Experiment is out of control
Top notes: Mango strawberry pineapple, berry notes

Middle notes: lily of the valley

Base notes: raspberry, strawberry


Perfumer: Ben Voss

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