"Culture is the accumulation of the highest Grace, the highest Beauty, the highest Knowledge."


KAK SOLNTSE is a collection of candles created by contemporary artists. 


Just like their own pieces, they conceive  the candles for the brand KAK SOLNTSE all the way through — from the general concept to its complete realisation. Each time they collaborate with perfumers to compose unique fragrance compositions, select new colours for ceramic candleholders and organic waxes, and design the packaging.  


All collections are produced in limited editions and will not be repeated. This makes each candle a collector's item, of interest to interior enthusiasts and art collectors alike due to the involvement of great artists in the creation of the object.


We, in return, care for the environment and our customers: thanks to the replenishable refill block system, a candleholder can be used an infinite number of times.


The symbol of KAK SOLNTSE is a fiery head with its eyes directed upwards towards the sun. This symbol combines two iconic images from the Silver Age: a fragment of an illustration from the original edition of Konstantin Balmont's poetry collection "Be Like the Sun. The Book of Symbols", published in 1903, and the portrait of Zinaida Gippius by Leon Bakst, painted in 1906.

"Such a fire-worshipper as Balmont, perhaps, cannot be found in Russian poetry"

— N. V. Bannikov.

Project mission

The energy of fire and its power inspired Balmont, Stravinsky and Roerich, the great artists who made Russian art recognised and popular around the world in the early twentieth century.


KAK SOLNTSE inspires contemporary artists to create works of applied art, suggesting a reflection on the candle, its utilitarian nature, but also the mystical power of the flame it contains. 


By reviving applied art in Russia, we are creating a win-win situation for the artist and the buyer. The artist gets a new field for experimentation, and the buyer gets the opportunity to purchase a functional piece of art. Inspired by Diaghilev's example, KAK SOLNTSE brings together within this project the best creators of our time, who are able to change the space around them and move culture forward. 


By fully upholding and developing the values of authorship and sustainability,. we want the names of contemporary artists to shine brightly in the light of KAK SOLNTSE,

"Oh, fire who purgeth us
⁠In fate-kindled strife,
⁠Thy beauty ruleth us,
⁠Shining with life!
⁠Thou art still in thy flight.
Soon thy glow shall abate,
But alive thou art great,
Than thy beauty is nothing more strange or more bright."

C.D. Balmont (Translation by Babette Deutsch and Avrahm Yarmolinsky.)

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