KAK SOLNTSE's first photoshoot

The very first photoshoot of the KAK SOLNTSE project took place in three countries — Russia, Israel and Portugal. Stories of love, friendship, and unity of nature and man are little odes to the sun as the power of light that transforms the world, as well as memories of summer days that you want to return to mentally.


It is no coincidence that the very first campaign of the brand was entrusted to a photographer with a very bright artistic vision — Dmitry Bulin, who was awarded a grant from the Still Art Foundation, and who has had his first solo exhibition at MAMM (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow) just this year. 

Two Russian actors took part in this short photographic film about a carefree summer: Mark Eidelstein, known for his performances in such movies as "Strana Sasha", "Crush", as well as the TV series "Smychok"; and Katya Romanova. The complete lack of make-up and retouching are important components that emphasise the brand's commitment to maximum naturalness and organicness.

Dmitry Bulin considers himself "a director who photographs": his cinematic shots are akin to movie stills. One wants to know what will happen to the heroes whom we see swimming in a river, falling in love, riding bicycles, walking along a gentle beach, or suddenly finding themselves all alone by an ocean at the end of the world.  

Most of the footage was filmed on the film camera belonging to Mariana Stebeneva — an Israeli photographer with the unique ability of "seeing" the frame and capturing the light.


The beauty of southern sunsets, deep northern skies, summer freckles and golden curls is complemented by KAK SOLNTSE candles, created together with the Russian-British artist Margo Trushina. Within this project, Margo proposes that we contemplate the deep connection between man and cosmos; the three candles that she designed involve all of our senses, and tell us how the Sun smells, what colour the Moon is, and how the Earth sounds.

Another character of this campaign is the sunlight, at times soft and tender, at times — direct and sharp. Love for the sun, creation, as well as admiration for both the art and the artists constructing the space around us are the main values of KAK SOLNTSE. We believe in the power of beauty, and definitely know that changing the world begins with changing ourselves. And the secret to inner balance is harmony with nature, all the colours and scents of which are held within the KAK SOLNTSE candles.


Life is our protagonist.

"Let us, like the Sun who’s eternally young, touch the flowers of fire with tender caresses, the transparent air, and everything golden..." ©️ Translated by Sibelan E.S. Forrester

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